Hello, my name is Bettina Bergmann. I’m a Mixed Media artist.
Self-taught in creating art I constantly explore new exciting technics and improve my drawing skills.
My favourite medium is watercolour which I combine with coloured pencils, pastels, charcoal, pens basically everything except oils.


I love to paint soulful female porträts. Most times I draw from imagination, only using references to anatomy, light and shading.
My girls and women often look serious or lost in their thoughts. They seem to be in a melancholic mood or even in a state of sweet sadness.
I’m inspired and influenced by other contemporary artists, by nature, music, fairy tales – simply by any kind of beauty in its various forms and the power of the Divine Feminine.

Beside of those portraits I love creating other little products as postcards or bookmarks.

Have a look at my shop if you are interested in collecting original artwork or if you are looking for an artsy gift. You will find a variety of small pieces at an affordable price there.


For weekly updates follow me on Instagram. I really appreciate your interest <3